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About Us / Our Style

We strive to give you the greatest travel experience of your life.

Of course, we have our secret weapon – Mongolia – that does much of the job for us! However, why choose us? What is it about Goyo Travel that makes us different from other companies? Why do people trust us? Why are our trips better? Why do our guests become friends rather than just past clients? Why do people come back for more? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to these questions, but we think the following may have something to do with it. Why don’t you come with us and find out!


Personal Service

From the moment you get in touch with us, you can relax in the knowledge that every aspect of your Mongolia trip will be dealt with utmost care and attention, according to your own requirements and combined with our own expert advice. The people who look after every aspect of itinerary design and booking arrangements are the same people who then implement them. You may correspond with Olly in our UK office in February, and in July he may be hosting you for dinner on your first night in Ulaanbaatar. Goyo may arrange an audience with the head lama at Gandan Monastery, and also be the person who introduces you when you are there. When the person who plans your itinerary also executes it, it gives you an added sense of trust and security.

Something Different

We don't like the word 'standard'. We don't like being exactly the same as anyone else. Of course there are 'go to' and 'must see' places - the so-called classics and highlights of a country. We don't avoid these and deprive you of their rightful place on your journey, but we seek to enhance your enjoyment and experience of Mongolia with little twists and unexpected additions - something a bit different. So, you might find yourself having a cooking lesson at a local family, being shown how to put up a ger, having a backstage tour of the State Opera House, mixing up ger camp accommodation with a homestay, visiting a school, or planting a tree at a Gobi anti-desertification project. Our trips are designed to get under the skin of the country and to give you a depth and variety of experiences.

Special Touches

It's often the little things that people remember. The things that you notice that you have on your trip, but no-one else you meet seems to have. It could be a box of after dinner chocolates produced by your guide just when you fancied something sweet. Or the cafetiere of fresh coffee on your breakfast table at a ger camp.

The snack box to dip into on long drives, or the selection of books in your vehicle. The car charger. The bow and arrow, just in case you fancy a shot or two before dinner. And of course, the best guides and drivers in Mongolia!

Local & Authentic

We do not outsource our ground operations in Mongolia. We do it ourselves, through our local Mongolian company. Our co-founder and Operations Director, Goyo, is a native of the Gobi and has travelled extensively throughout Mongolia, and is passionate about sharing her love of the countryside with all our guests. That local knowledge, enthusiasm, and authenticity underpins each and every one of our Mongolia Tours. See our responsible travel section for more on how we integrate with and support local Mongolians.

Less is more

The old adage of 'quality, not quantity', runs through everything we do at Goyo Travel. From our relatively small but highly qualified and dedicated team of staff, to our focus on small groups and tailormade travel, our guests can be sure of that our itineraries are designed with care and attention, and that the impact of our trips on rural communities is enagaging and mutually beneficial, and not intrusive and over-bearing.


Our itineraries are suggestive, not prescriptive. We do not straightjacket guests into a rigid set of daily timings and defined activities. If you want to skip a museum, but add a temple visit, no problem. Planned a Mongolian meal but fancy a Korean instead? No problem. We'll sort it, and what's more, at no extra charge.


It's all very well being approachable, honest, friendly, enthusiastic, interesting, and unique. However, style needs to be backed up by substance. At Goyo Travel we pride ourselves on our professional approach, organisation and efficiency. We know your time and money is precious, and we won't waste it. We will always respond to e-mails within 24 hours; our pricing is structured and fair to both our clients and local service providers, including guides and drivers; itineraries are carefully designed and meticulously checked; we are properly insured and bonded; we provide help and advice right up until your departure; we maintain post-trip correspondence, including feedback forms which we use to optimise and evolve our offering to guests.