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Mongolia Overview

Once the heartland of an empire stretching to Europe under Genghis Khan, Mongolia has a historical and cultural ancestry as colourful, rich and varied as the landscapes within it.

A country fiercely proud of its heritage and traditions, Mongolia is renowned for its nomadic culture, pastoral lifestyle, warm hospitality, and magnificent countryside. Inaccessibility and political isolation contributed to it’s status as a mythical far off land, but in recent years the transition to democracy has opened the country to the outside world, and discovery of untapped natural mineral resources has seen the country’s economy prosper. Mongolia today is a dichotomy of ancient and modern -and time will tell if the country can retain and nurture the positive qualities of both these attributes. In the meantime, it is our privilege to share the best of both with all our guests.

Vacations to Mongolia

Goyo Travel is a specialist Mongolia tour operator offering organised group tours & vacations, private tailor-made tours and selected additional travel services within Mongolia. Our love and extensive knowledge of Mongolia inspire us to design and create unique itineraries for tours that blend classic components with our own twists, styles, additions and special touches. Our tours combine the classic elements of adventure travel but with added special touches that set them apart from other ordinary outdoor activity tours. We have a collection of varied and inspiring private Mongolia tours for you to adapt according to your own dates and group size. Whether you are looking for a city tour, a quick country break or an extended overland adventure, we offer an exclusive range of Mongolia tours to suit your requirements.

Choose from our range of Mongolia tours that distil the essence of nomadic culture, action-packed adventures, relaxing getaways, and cultural escapes to leave you invigorated and inspired. Come on a Mongolia tour with us and discover for yourself!