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Private Tours / Longer Journeys

In-depth Mongolia tours exploring diverse landscapes and nomadic culture.

Choose from a range of activity-packed adventures, relaxing getaways, and cultural escapes. Our longer journeys generally last for around 9 to 22 days and cover a range of activities as diverse as Mongolia.

Led by our expert local Mongolian guides, all trips include vehicle transportation, where applicable, plus all activities and entrance fees. As with all our Mongolia trips, timings and content are flexible so any amendments or additions can usually be catered for. Most trips are available May/June to September inclusive, and are ideally suited to groups of 1 to 8 people.

Terelj National Park - Chinggis Statue - Hiking - Cycling - Tree-Planting -Cooking Lesson - Camel Ride - Dune Climbing - Nomadic Homestays - Ger Building - Archery - Horse Riding - Kayaking - Orkhon Valley - Kharkhorin​

An unforgettable family adventure through Mongolia’s wild landscapes. This trip mixes diverse wilderness landscapes of eastern hills and steppe, desert plains, rock formations and dunes of the Gobi, and rolling green pastureland of the nomad-filled valleys of the heartland. Highlights include nomadic homestays, dinosaur digs, monasteries, with a range of interactive activities showcasing traditional culture – ger building, riding, archery and cookery lessons.​

Khustai - Khogno Khaan - Bayangobi - Tsenkher - White Lake - Khangai Mountains - Shargaljuut Springs - 8 Lakes - Riding/Walking - Orkhon Valley & Waterfall - Tovkhon Khiid -Kharkhorin - Erdene Zuu​

A foray into the nomadic heartland of Mongolia – from steppe and desert to lush rolling hills, meadows, rivers and lakes. Visit Khustai National Park to see the takhi horses, the dunes at Bayangobi before heading for White Lake via the hot springs at Tsenkher. Return through the remote southern Khangai hills including Shargaljuut Springs, Naiman Nuur (8 Lakes), Tovkhon Monastery plus Kharkhorin.

Muron - Tsagaannuur - East Taiga - Horse Trek - Teepee Homestay Reindeer Herders - Shaman Visit - Lake Khovsgol​

A remote adventure to the Siberian taiga near the border with Russia, home to the last few remaining families of teepee-dwelling reindeer herders – the Tsaatan. Ride on horseback to visit their camps and explore the pristine nature of their wild surroundings. This wilderness expedition culminates with a 3 day stay on the shores of Lake Khovsgol at a secluded eco-camp on the East side of the lake.

Ulgii - Tavanbogd National Park - Horse Trekking - Potanii Glacier - Mount Malchin Climb - Shiveet Khairkhan Petroglyphs - Lake Khoton - Hovd River - Eagle Hunters - Audience with a Shaman​

An exhilarating trekking and riding expedition in Western Mongolia. Fly to Bayan Ulgii province where you will experience Kazakh culture – wild camping and homestays alongside eagle hunters; trekking on foot and on horseback through Tavanbogd National Park – including a non-technical climb/hike of Mt. Malchin, Potanii Glacier, Shiveet Khairkhan petroglyphs and Lake Khoton.​

Ulgii - Eagle Hunter Homestays - Horse Riding - Training & Hunting with Eagles - Shaman Visit​

A unique opportunity to stay alongside eagle hunters in Western Mongolia in the Turgen valley near Sagsai – ride with them, learn how they train their birds, and experience the way of life of these Kazakh nomads. You will also have an opportunity to meet a local shaman.


Terelj National Park - Khan-Khentii - Trekking - Camping - Nomadic Family Visits - Kayaking on Tuul River - Chinggis Statue​

Explore the trails of Terelj and Khan-Khentii on foot – this wilderness trek combines stunning countryside with ease of accessibility from Ulaanbaatar. After crossing the Terelj River, head up the wide Tuul Valley, dotted with nomadic families, dog-leg to the hilltop Gunjin Temple, and then on towards Altan Ulgii Mountain, before reaching the sacred Black Lake. Return on the east side of the Tuul River and visit the remarkable Chinggis Statue at Erdene and relax at Gun Galuut Nature Reserve before heading back to UB.

Gobi Desert - Flaming Cliffs - Camel Riding - Khongoryn Els - Ger Building - Homestays - Kharkhorin - Tovkhon Khiid - Khogno Khaan​

An overland journey through the expansive Gobi Desert, and the green pastures of Arkhangai. This voyage of discovery explores the nomadic traditions that form the backbone of Mongolian culture. Learn how to put up a ger, have a countryside cooking lesson, enjoy a homestay, visit a tree-planting project and explore some fantastic, varied landscapes and historical sites. Classic highlights combine with special touches and insights into nomadic life. A true cultural odyssey.

UB Homestay - Cooking Lesson - Local Train - Ikh Gazriin Chuluu -Nomadic Family Stays - Camel & Horse Riding - Ger Building - Gobi Desert - Orkhon Valley - Khangai Hills - Hot Springs - Erdene Zuu​

Experience the lives of Mongolians first hand on this in-depth journey exploring Mongolian culture and traditions. Stay with city and rural locals, and get involved in the daily lives of your hosts – cooking traditional food, tending to animals, riding, putting up a ger. The overland route goes through the Gobi and through the verdant valleys of central Mongolia with highlights including palaeontological sites, ancient rock art, sand dunes, mountains, rivers, monasteries and hilltop temples.

Train to Erdenet - Amarbayasgalant - Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur - Khorgo Volcano - Tsenkher Hot Springs - Kharkhorin - Tovkhon Khiid - Naiman Nuur (8 Lakes) - Riding/Walking - Khongoryn Els - Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs​

A Mongolia tour of epic proportions – extensive, well-paced and varied. From the shores of Lake Khovsgol to the desert plains of the Gobi, and everything in between. Highlights include Erdene Zuu Monastery at Kharkhorin, the remote 8 Lakes, nomadic family visits, optional horse/camel riding, and the spectacular Flaming Cliffs. Travel by train, jeep and plane on this fascinating adventure through Mongolia’s diverse landscapes, with authentic local experiences.

Terelj National Park - Chinggis Monument - Gobi Desert - Yolyn Am -Flaming Cliffs - Moltsog Els Sand Dunes - Camel Riding - Nomadic Visits​

A condensed travel experience distilling the essence of Mongolia – able to fit conveniently into a weekend-to-weekend slot if so desired. This is a carefully planned itinerary designed to cut down on travel distances without compromising on content -giving you maximum experience, with minimum effort. Venture to the lesser-visited areas of Terelj National Park, before flying down to the Gobi for an overland loop of desert highlights.

9 Days Cycling - Wild Camping - Nomadic Homestays - Orkhon Valley - Tovkhon Monastery - Tsenkher Hot Springs - Khangai Hills - Uurtiin Tokhoi Canyon - Horse Riding & Kayaking (optional)

A 9 day cycle-ride through the Khangai Hills and Orkhon Valley. The route covers diverse landscapes and terrain – wide open plains, lush valleys, forested hills. A mix of paths, herders trails and graded tracks, plus a dash of asphalt at welcome moments! Active adventure combines with cultural highlights and warm hospitality of local nomadic families with camping and homestays mixed with ger camps. This expedition is led by naturalist and global outdoor adventurer Robin Tapley, a seasoned Canadian expedition leader who is returning once again to Mongolia to partner with us.

Selenge Forest Region - Gobi Desert - Yolyn Am - Jargalant - Khavtsgait Petroglyphs - Tokhom White Lake - Khongoryn Els - Gegeet​

A special birdwatching trip with local naturalist and ornithological expert Kh.Tumendelger exploring the country’s varied birdlife from the northern forests of Selenge to the Gobi Desert in the south. Cultural, geological and palaentological highlights form the backdrop to the ornithological focus. Birds of note include – Azure Tit, Eurasian Penduline Tit, Oriental Plover, Lammergeier, Mongolian Accentor,Wall Creeper, Altai snowcock, Pallas Sand grouse, Mongolian Ground Jay, Saxaul Sparrow,Saker Falcon, Small Snowfinch, plus many more.​

Gobi Desert - Baga Gazriin Chuluu - Flaming Cliffs - Yolyn Am -Khavtsgait Petroglyphs - Camel Trek - Camping - Homestay - Khongoryn Els Singing Dunes - Kherman Tsav Canyons​

An in-depth exploration of the Gobi Desert, from the rock formations at Baga Gazriin Chuluu in the north-east to the dinosaur canyons of Khermen Tsav in the south-west, with the highlights of the south Gobi – Bayanzag, Yoln Am, Khongoryn Els -sandwiched in between. Homestays, wild camping, walking, camel trekking, visits to a tree-planting project, organic farms, wildlife research centres; all add depth of experience and local flavour to this epic adventure.​