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Group Tours / Culture

Classic Mongolia group tours that are well-placed, comfortable, insightful, and balanced – a perfect introduction to the varied landscapes and nomadic culture of Mongolia.

Our trips combine the expected highlights with extra twists and our own special touches that elevate your travel experience out of the realms of other standard tours. Our Mongolian cultural group tours have a degree of flexibility, to allow for individual preferences and interests to be catered for. We also only take small groups – between 8-12 people, depending on the trip.

Extensions can also be added to our group tours to ensure that you don’t miss out on a thing that this fantastic country has to offer.

Khustai National Park - Kharkhorin - Erdene Zuu - Tovkhon Khiid - Orkhon Valley - Nomadic Homestay - Horse Riding - Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes

After the deep winter and the slow April thaw, Mongolia comes alive in May with the sights, smells and sounds of spring on show throughout the countryside. Explore the central steppe and central rolling valleys of the nomadic heartland, with walks and rides through pristine nature, and including a homestay with a local family who will be celebrating the arrival of the season’s new-born animals. Stay at some of our favourite ger camps, just opening up for the summer months – but at this time they’ll be free from the crowds, so you can enjoy the tranquility and peace of the countryside as nature intended.
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Ikh Gazriin Chuluu - Tree Planting - Gobi Desert - Flaming Cliffs - Camel Riding - Khongoryn Els - Ger Building - Homestays - Orkhon Waterfall - Kharkhorin - Tovkhon Khiid - Khogno Khaan

An overland journey through the expansive Gobi Desert, and the green pastures of Arkhangai. This voyage of discovery explores the nomadic traditions that form the backbone of Mongolian culture. Learn how to put up a ger, have a countryside cooking lesson, enjoy a homestay, visit a tree-planting project, and explore some fantastic, varied landscapes and historical sites. Classic highlights combine with special touches and insights into nomadic life. A true cultural odyssey.
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UB Apartment - Cooking Lesson - Ikh Gazriin Chuluu -Nomadic Family Stays - Camel & Horse Riding - Ger Building - Gobi Desert - Orkhon Valley - Khangai Hills - Hot Springs - Erdene Zuu​

Experience the lives of Mongolians first hand on this in-depth journey exploring Mongolian culture and traditions. Stay with nomadic families, and get involved in the daily lives of your hosts – cooking traditional food, tending to animals, riding, putting up a ger. The overland route goes through the Gobi and through the verdant valleys of central Mongolia with highlights including palaeontological sites, ancient rock art, sand dunes, mountains, rivers, monasteries and hilltop temples. The July departure has 1 extra day to incorporate the Ulaanbaatar Naadam and also includes a rural yak festival in the Orkhon Valley.
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Gobi Desert - Flaming Cliffs - Camel Riding - Khongoryn Els - Ongin Khiid - Orkhon Valley - Tovkhon Khiid - Tsenkher Valley - Kharkhorin

This adventure blends Mongolia’s natural wonders and vast landscapes of the Gobi desert with the culturally significant monasteries of Ongi, Tovkhon & Erdene Zuu, plus the world heritage sites of Orkhon Valley and the former capital of the Mongol Empire, Kharkhorin. Classic highlights combine with special touches and insights into the culture & history of modern nomads. The departure in June offers a local Naadam festival in the Tsenkher Valley, whilst the departure in July offers the Yak and Felt festival that take place in Orkhon Valley.

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Terelj National Park - Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - Tsagaan Suvarga - Gobi Desert - Horse Taming - Bayanzag Flaming Cliffs - Camel Riding - Khongoryn Els Dunes - Kharkhorin - Erdene Zuu Monastery - Orkhon Valley - Tovkhon Khiid - Tsenkher Hot Springs - Khogno Khaan - UB Naadam

The flamboyant festivities of Naadam form the centrepiece to this summer voyage through rural Mongolia – where the atmosphere of celebration is matched by the hue of the countryside filled with the colours and scents of summer. Begin with a trip to Terelj and the Chinggis Statue, before journeying to the wonderful wilderness of the Gobi Desert and the nature reserve of Ikh Nart. Continue south and enjoy Naadam at the provincial capital of Dalanzadgad, then explore the dunes and canyons of the majestic Gobi Desert. Head north to the valleys of Arkhangai, the site of Genghis Khan’s ancient capital at Kharkhorin, Erdene Zuu Monastery and Khogno Khaan Mountain.
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Terelj National Park - Chinggis Statue - Khustai National Park - Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes - Camel Ride - Khakhorin - Tovkhon Khiid - Tsenkher Hot Springs - Ger Building - Nomadic Feast - Horse Riding - White Lake - Delger River - Ushigiin Uver - Lake Khovsgol - Rural Naadam Festival

Experience the magic of Mongolia during the vibrant festival season as you journey through the varied landscapes of the heartland and up to the hills, forests and lakes of the north on this spectacular summer journey. Kicking off with an introduction to the country’s bustling capital, and the nearby national Parks of Terelj and Khustai, you’ll stay at the northern edge of the Gobi desert at a fantastic eco-lodge, hike to hilltop temples, ride camels and horses, and enjoy nomadic hospitality with local families. Then you’ll pass through verdant valleys with hot springs, to the lakes of Terkhiin Tsagaan and Khovsgol where the journey culminates with the festivities of a colourful provincial Naadam Festival.
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THE GRAND TOUR – Incl. Naadam Festival
Terelj National Park - Chinggis Statue - Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - Tsagaan Suvarga - Gobi Desert - Flaming Cliffs - Yolyn Am - Khongoryn Els - Ongii - Orkhon Valley - Tovkhon Khiid - Kharkhorin - Tsenkher Hot Springs - Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur - Lake Khovsgol - Delger River - Amarbayasgalant

A Mongolia tour of epic proportions – extensive, well-paced and varied. From the southern desert plains of the Gobi to the rugged northern shores of Lake Khovsgol, and everything in between. A fascinating overland adventure through Mongolia’s diverse landscapes, with authentic local nomadic experiences and characterful varied camp accommodation. The first trip showcases the festivities of a rural Naadam Festival in central Mongolia and the second includes a Horse Festival in Orkhon Valley.
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AUTUMN ADVENTURE- Incl. Eagle Festival
Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - Hiking - Horse Riding - Gobi Desert - Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - Yolyn Am - Flaming Cliffs - Khongoryn Els - Orkhon Valley - Erdene Zuu - Eagle Hunters - Private Camp - Sagsai Eagle Festival

The golden tints of autumn form the visual backdrop to this enchanting journey combining activities in the Ikh Nart Nature Reserve, an exploration of desert landscapes in the Gobi, and the cultural highlights of central Mongolia. The journey culminates in the unique spectacle of the eagle festival in Western Mongolia, where you will stay in a private camp near to the Sagsai Festival and also near a family of eagle hunters.
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