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7 Things To Do In The Khovsgol Lake Area

Khovsgol Lake area is among the most beautiful travel destinations in Mongolia, famous for it’s wildlife and nomadic tribes that inhabit it.  You can simply find a comfortable place, seat and enjoy the pristine nature, but if you want to do more than that, follow our 7 picks for things to do in the Khovsgol Lake area.

1. Sailing & Boating
If going to Khovsgol Lake do not miss the chance to travel by the old ship Sukhbaatar or do a boating trip on the crystal clear waters of the lake. If you take a boat, you can travel to a couple of small islands and explore the abundant wildlife there.

2. Fresh Water Diving
Diving at Khovsgol’s crystal clear water is suitable for beginners as well as for experienced divers who want to explore the scenery below surface. In summer months (June to September) the water temperature is suitable for diving – at 10-15 metres it will be around 10 degrees Celsius. You will need some specialist gear, drysuits and undergarments as well as a dive master guide.

3. Horseback Riding
Travelling by horse in northern Mongolia is not just an ordinary holiday or adventure activity. Doing a horse trek will allow you to explore the wilderness and immerse yourself in the unique and indigenous cultures of the Darkhad depression & Khovsgol Lake area. You are able to spend from a couple of hours up to over a week on the horseback.

4. Hiking in Forests
Nature lovers love hiking. To enjoy the magnificent view of the Lake, try hiking to the higher points along the shoreline. Number of nearby peaks, such as Chichuu, or Jankhai have elevation of up to 2,420 meters and are suitable for a full day hike for fit hikers.

5. Wildlife Watching
If you are wildlife lover or a photographer, Khovsgol Lake will not disappoint you. The lake area is home to 68 species of mammals, including ibex, argail sheep, elk, reindeer, musk deer, brown bear, lynx, marten, wolf, beaver, moose. 244 species of birds inhabit the lake and the surrounding area, while the lake itself is the habitat of 9 species of fish, including the Siberian grayling and lenok.

6. Visit Tsaatan
Tsaatan, well known as reindeer herders, live in the most rugged, taiga forested mountains to the north-west of the Khovsgol Lake. The reindeer herders are divided into two main groups, some tribes inhabit the the Western Taiga and some live in the Eastern Taiga. Both groups can be reached from the Darkhad depression or from the Lake Khovsgol bu horse or by foot.

7. Meet a Shaman
Besides the beauty of nature, the cultures that inhabit the Khovsgol Lake area are fascinating. Various ethnic groups, including Darkhad and Tsaatan people practice shamanism and worship natural spirits. Shamanism is the traditional religion of the nomads and it is believed that all things have a soul and that the spiritual world coexists with the human beings. To witness the heart beating rituals or a spiritual healing, travel to taiga and meet shamans.