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Filming & Media Logistics

Filming & Media Logistics

The Team at Goyo Travel have extensive experience of working on all aspects of film and media logistics in Mongolia.

Our comprehensive fixing service provides a one-stop-shop for all your in-country requirements. Our dedicated team of professionals are based both in the UK and Mongolia, which not only means that we are on hand round the clock to respond to your needs, but we have a cross-cultural perspective that is invaluable when dealing with local sensitivities. Our unrivalled local connections mean that getting in touch with the people you need is only a phone call away - from prominent politician, playboy or popstar to bowmaker, bird breeder or barman.

Our expertise and services cover Mongolia fixing and production logistics for a range of different media forms -including Film, TV, Press & Advertising. Our involvement in a project can range from nurturing an inkling of an idea through to finished product, or it could be an ad hoc individual line item that you need us to provide or source. We are here to facilitate your artistic creation as a local production partner you can depend on, whatever your need.

Our team of in-house and freelance staff have a wealth of experience working with internationally renowned media companies and organisations such as the BBC, NBC, Der Spiegel, National Geographic, Discovery, as well as smaller regional outfits such as TVB Hong Kong and Asian Air Safari. However small or large a project is, we can provide a cost-effective tailored service to suit your requirements.



Getting the job up and running – this is often the hardest part, and we can take a lot of the legwork off your hands. We’ve identified all the things that you need, but often never get, when dealing with many other local fixers. Here are some of the things we provide in a thorough and timely manner when you first get in touch with us:

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  • project-magement-small-img1
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Everything’s signed off, and suddenly there’s 101 practical things to think about and obstacles to overcome before you actually arrive in Mongolia. We’re here to manage or assist with all the following:



We take care of all the practical nuts & bolts, so you can get on with the job in hand with no nasty surprises or hiccups that could be avoided. We organise all of the following, depending on your requirements:

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  • post-project-small-img1
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You’ve turned off the cameras or closed your laptops, but we’ve not switched off yet. We’ll stick around to help with the following: