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Mongolia Trekking

Mongolia Trekking Tours

Mongolia is a trekking mecca – wild landscapes & endless horizons stretch before the craggy soles of your walking boots in this sparsely populated nomadic land without boundaries. Discover for yourself on one of our comprehensively researched and expertly crafted Mongolia trekking tours.

Our Mongolia treks explore spectacular and diverse scenery – classic routes combine with hidden trails through remote wilderness terrain. Some trips are short, some longer, some are full-on Mongolia trekking trips, some combine with Mongolia horse riding, and others contain elements of trekking within the framework of a longer cultural overland journey.

Terelj & Khan Khentii

Conveniently located 60-100km from Ulaanbaatar (depending on start point), the lesser-visited areas of Terelj - and beyond to the more remote hills of Khan Khentii - offer a conveniently accessible wilderness escape for anything from 2 days to 2 weeks. Trip suggestions – Trails of Terelj (short) or Eastern Explorer (longer) Scenery highlights - Mesozoic rock formations, undulating hills, nomadic families, lush wide valleys, rivers & streams, Khagiin Khar Lake, Burkhan Khaldun (sacred mountain of Chinggis Khaan - on bespoke longer treks only)


We don't like the word 'standard'. We don't like being exactly the same as anyone else. Of course there are 'go to' and 'must see' places - the so-called classics and highlights of a country. We don't avoid these and deprive you of their rightful place on your journey, but we seek to enhance your enjoyment and experience of Mongolia with little twists and unexpected additions - something a bit different. So, you might find yourself having a cooking lesson at a local family, being shown how to put up a ger, having a backstage tour of the State Opera House, mixing up ger camp accommodation with a homestay, visiting a school, or planting a tree at a Gobi anti-desertification project. Our trips are designed to get under the skin of the country and to give you a depth and variety of experiences.


It's often the little things that people remember. The things that you notice that you have on your trip, but no-one else you meet seems to have. It could be a box of after dinner chocolates produced by your guide just when you fancied something sweet. Or the cafetiere of fresh coffee on your breakfast table at a ger camp.

The snack box to dip into on long drives, or the selection of books in your vehicle. The car charger. The bow and arrow, just in case you fancy a shot or two before dinner. And of course, the best guides and drivers in Mongolia!


We do not outsource our ground operations in Mongolia. We do it ourselves, through our local Mongolian company. Our co-founder and Operations Director, Goyo, is a native of the Gobi and has travelled extensively throughout Mongolia, and is passionate about sharing her love of the countryside with all our guests. That local knowledge, enthusiasm, and authenticity underpins each and every one of our Mongolia Tours. See our responsible travel section for more on how we integrate with and support local Mongolians.

Zavkhan & Uvs

The old adage of 'quality, not quantity', runs through everything we do at Goyo Travel. From our relatively small but highly qualified and dedicated team of staff, to our focus on small groups and tailormade travel, our guests can be sure of that our itineraries are designed with care and attention, and that the impact of our trips on rural communities is enagaging and mutually beneficial, and not intrusive and over-bearing.

Our Equipment & Provisions

Your enjoyment, comfort and safety are of utmost importance to Goyo Travel. We pride ourselves in providing top quality equipment and provisions on all our Mongolia treks, so you can concentrate on what you came to Mongolia for – the riding.

Equipment- Some of our Mongolia treks have vehicle support to carry equipment, but some don’t, due to the remote expeditionary nature of our trips, so we provide pack horses or camels which carry equipment and provisions. There is usually 1 pack horse for every 2 guests. Robust saddle bags are provided, plus extra waterproof duffle-style bags are provided within to ensure certain things – rest mats, sleeping bags – remain dry under all circumstances. Plastic sheeting is also available to cover packhorses whilst on the move and to shelter equipment at camp in times of inclement weather.



Eating and Sleeping – We provide high-quality tents & rest mats, plus a dining tent on most trekking trips. A cook accompanies all trips, who dishes up 3 top quality hearty meals a day. A typical breakfast may include pancakes, porridge, bacon, bread & jam, juice, and tea and coffee. Lunches are packed and may include a sandwich, salad, cold noodle or rice dish, plus fruit, snacks and chocolate. Dinner is often a hearty meaty/noodle broth, a stew, stir-fry, barbecue or similar. Drinking water is provided by using a Katadyn water filter and/or boiling water from nearby fresh water streams, rivers and/or lakes. Sleeping bags are not provided, but can be hired for a small extra charge (including fresh linen liners)


Communications, Orientation & Safety - On any Mongolia trekking trip, where mobile communication and vehicle access is compromised, we provide a satellite phone for use in emergencies. Your guide will carry this and will be fully briefed on its usage. We also provide topographic maps of the area for reference and review purposes, and there may also be a GPS handset as well. For medical emergencies that do not require evacuation, we provide a fully-equipped Life Systems First Aid kit suitable to the trip type and group size.