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About Us / Local Projects

Little drops of water make the mighty ocean.

At Goyo Travel, we are committed to supporting local environmental and social initiatives where our involvement can make a meaningful difference to the success of these projects and the local communities. We make financial contributions directly to the following projects, whilst also promoting them through our own marketing initiatives with the aim to increase awareness and create further fund-raising opportunities.



Gobi Oasis Tree Planting Project Mongolia

Gobi Oasis is a small tree-planting nursery project established by Byamba Tseyen in her hometown of Mandalgobi, Dundgobi in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia in 1975. For over 30 years, she has been leading this conservation project by growing small seeds & branches, and nurturing them in harsh conditions, before replanting them in areas in desperate need for defence against desertification. We have supported this project for many years, sending guests to both help with the planting and stay in their gers. For more information, please visit www.gobioasis.com.

Ecosoum Sustainable Rural Development

One of our wonderful ex-guides Nara together with her French husband Pierre, are aiming to create a blueprint for rural ecology and sustainability that can be implemented in their hometown before being initiated across Mongolia in other communities. Their plan is focused on 5 simple elements that modern Mongolia has struggled to solve in recent years - subsistence agriculture, sustainable livestock breeding, waste management, energy-efficient housing solutions & public awareness of environmental issues. Take a look at their introductory video here If you would like to support Nara and Pierre, please visit their website at www.ecosoum.org.

The Mongolian Cricket Association


Goyo Travel has proudly supported The Mongolian Cricket Association for a number of years. The MCA is a charitable organisation that aims to bring cricket to the youth of Mongolia. The scheme has introduced over 1,000 children to cricket in the past 2 years and built Mongolia's very first 'Ger'villion'. Over the coming years, MCA plan to train up more coaches, hold tournaments, form leagues and compete with neighbouring countries. To read more about the fantastic work that the MCA has done in the past year, and for information on how you can help with a donation or otherwise, please click here or visit www.cricketmongolia.mn.

Anu Mongolia Charity

Founded in 2012, Anu Mongolia is a volunteer-based charity trust registered in Hong Kong which works towards equal opportunities for vulnerable children in the North-Western region of Mongolia, in the form of educational assistance. To date, Anu Mongolia Charity has implemented two projects; the improvement of a school of 300 children and a mobile school initiative. The interventions of the trust are initiated by the community and encourage local capacity and resources. One of the elements that make Anu Mongolia Charity unique lies in the promotion and preservation of cultural activities. You can see the work done by Anu Mongolia on their website.