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About Us / Work With Us

Goyo Travel is a fresh, dynamic company run by a small team of enthusiastic travel professionals.

We have a passion for experiential travel and designing authentic, original itineraries for our discerning guests. We are always on the lookout for like-minded individuals or companies who want to share in this vision – either working for us directly, or as one of our select few agent partners around the globe. Here are a few of the opportunities currently waiting to be snapped up by like-minded people:

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Local Mongolian Tour Guides

What is the significance of an ovoo? Is that an Ibex on the top of that hill? What time does the hot water come on? Why is Naadam celebrated in July? What period do deerstones date from? How deep is Lake Khovsgol? Is it going to rain tomorrow? Can you arrange for me to see a shaman? Where can I get my camera fixed? Could I have an extra blanket? Is it possible to get a better table?

Just a small handful of things a guide may be called upon to know - and not because they may be asked these things. If a guest needs to regularly ask these sorts of questions of a guide, then they are not a good guide, and certainly not what we expect from a Goyo Travel guide. A Goyo Travel guide will be one step ahead - giving guests information before they are asked. Guiding is about anticipation, responsibility, organisation, planning and leadership - and should always, by definition, be one step ahead.

We are currently recruiting local Mongolian guides to lead a wide variety of trips - from city tours, to extensive overland journeys, from cultural trips to active outdoor adventures and expeditions. If you have the experience, knowledge, character, pro-activity, organisation, communication & diplomacy skills, patience, humour, enthusiasm, plus good spoken English (or other foreign languages) and are interested in joining our elite team of guides, then we want to hear from you. We also have a few openings for trainee guides - raw recruits who are willing to learn and have the innate talent it takes to become an outstanding guide. Fill out your application form here.