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Our Guides

Meet the flag bearers of Goyo Travel – our guides. Our fantastic team of guides work tirelessly both behind the scenes and face-to-face with our guests to make your Mongolia holiday so unique and memorable. We truly believe that our guides are the best in the business, as we place a strong emphasis on recruitment with a rigorous selection process and annual training and development, including things such as knowledge, managing expectations, problem solving and first aid. Click on the guide photos below to find out the insightful, funny, touching, and intriguing truths from our very own Goyo Travel guides.


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Our Guides

Born and raised in Ulaanbaatar, Bayaraa has been guiding tours in Mongolia for 15 years now and brings a fantastic blend of fun and laughter as well as organisation and great knowledge to any tour. As well as her mother-tongue language Mongolian, Bayaraa speaks English, Korean, German, and also some Dutch and Russian. She is a keen traveller and she has visited over 20 countries all over the world, so has plenty of stories to share.


Eric comes from a yak herding family in the western Altai Mountain region. After graduating, he got himself a scholarship and completed his studies in the United States before returning to Mongolia where he has now been guiding tours for 5 years. As well as being a proud Mongolian who enjoys taking part in the “three manly games”, Eric also enjoys playing chess, basketball and showing off his country and the nomadic people to our guests.

But who would play Eric in a Hollywood film, you ask? Well, find out this issue of our Guide Spotlight blog.


A proud Mongolia, Gantigmaa has been guiding in Mongolia for 8 years now and loves a good laugh with clients as she guides them across Mongolia’s beautiful countryside and translates conversations between guests and nomadic families. She used to work as Russian and English teacher, and enjoys playing badminton, reading books and cooking in her spare time.


Zolo has worked in the tourism industry most of her life. She obtained both a BA and Masters in tourism from the Education University of Mongolia and from a University in Malaysia respectively.


Born in Ulaanbaatar, Eko is a med school graduate and has been guiding for Goyo Travel for 4 summers now. Being a doctor by trade, Eko always makes sure to pack a first aid kit with her, as well a sewing needle and thread for any countryside mishaps in the clothing department. Her favourite thing to do when touring is to watch the stunning sunrise and sunset, and if you can get her on a karaoke machine, expect some Bohemian Rhapsody.


A Goyo Travel guide for the past 6 years, Gantulga (or Tulga for short) is full of energy. A true family man, Tulga is the perfect guide whether you’re a couple, a family, or a group in your 60’s. On a tour he is always keen to show our guests the joys of Mongolian horse and camel riding, and is proud of this incredible and unique country and its traditions. As a Mongolian who grew up in the countryside, Tulga is also the man to ask when it comes to questions about the nomadic way of life.

Tulga is always up for a laugh, but what was his funniest memory whilst on a tour? Find the answer, plus more, in this issue of our Guide Spotlight blog.


Shuree started off her guiding career with leading tours just in the summers from 2008-2015, before making guiding her full time job. A guide who has led many, many trips for us, Shuree loves getting out into the Mongolian countryside and explore the nature and culture of Mongolia. With nomadic grandparents but an upbringing in the big city, Shuree has a fantastic understanding of both the city and country life and will happily help and join in with any activities, from cook to archery, horse riding to milking cattle.

He is one of the team that packs the equipment that you will use on your travels. During the summer he often rises early for trip departure and leaves late after packing for the next. He is often found heading to the market to find the items for the more unusual requests from clients. Although he is always working hard he sometimes finds time impresses the office with his cooking skills. His specialities are two Mongolian dishes - Tsuivan and Budaatai Khuurga.


One of our most recent addition to the Goyo Travel Ulaanbaatar team, Batu is a friendly and patient person, and assists in wide range of office activities. He spent more than 10 years travelling around Asia and recently graduated from a university in Taiwan. In his free time he's found behind computer screen researching world history and scribbling down amateur poetry.