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Group Tours / Adventure

Active Mongolia group tours that explore the wilder side of nature – rural adventures for outdoor-lovers who savour local, rustic authentic experiences.

Our trips combine the classic elements of adventure travel but with added special touches and attention to detail that sets them apart from other ordinary outdoor activity tours. Our Mongolia adventure group tours have a degree of flexibility, to allow for individual preferences and interests to be catered for. We also only take small groups – between 6-8 people, depending on the trip

Sledding on Tuul River - Nomadic Homestays - Terelj National Park - Bosgiin Guur - Winter Wilderness - Lake Khovsgol - Ice Fishing - Horse Riding

Experience the magnificent wild frozen landscapes of Mongolia on your own sled pulled by your dog team, covering 45-50km of wilderness terrain each day, and led by experienced musher Joel Rauzy. Earlier trips explore the beauty of the Terelj National Park and Khan Khentii hills along the Tuul River east of Ulaanbaatar, whilst later trips venture across the vast frozen surface of Lake Khovsgol in the North, with ice fishing and horse riding.

Terelj National Park - Horse Trek - Wild Camping - Ar Khurkh Valley - Khotol Pass - Altan Ulgii Mountain - Baruun Bayan Hills - Tuul River - Kayaking (optional) - Chinggis Statue

The lesser-visited areas of Terelj National Park offer an accessible wilderness escape on horseback. Saddle up for 5 days riding through undulating hills, valleys, along rivers and through larch forests. Overnight camping during your trek combines with a ger camp and authentic family homestay near the Tuul River, optional kayaking, and visiting at the Chinggis Statue before returning to Ulaanbaatar.

Terelj National Park - Khan Khentii Hills - 8 Day Trek - Camping - Nomadic Family Visits & Homestay - Ar Khurkh Valley - Baruun Bayan Foothills - Khotol Pass - Altan Ulgii Mountain - Buutiin Garai - Bosgiin Guur - Tuul River - Kayaking - Gun Galuut Nature Reserve - Wildlife Spotting - Chinggis Statue

Explore the more remote trails of Terelj on foot – this wilderness trek combines stunning countryside with ease of accessibility from Ulaanbaatar. After crossing the Terelj River, head up the Ar Khurkh Valley, over the Khotol Pass and then to Altan Ulgii Mountain, which you will climb before looping back round do the wide open valleys around Dund Bayan and Saikhan Saridag hills to the Tuul River. Kayak (optional) through stunning landscapes down to a riverside ger camp. Visit the remarkable Chinggis Statue at Erdene and spot wildlife at Gun Galuut Nature Reserve.

Ulgii - 7 Days Trekking - Khatu Valley - Tsambagarav Mountain - Glaciers & Waterfalls - Mara Gorge - Hovd River - Eagle Hunter Visit

An alternative to the ‘go-to’ Tavanbogd area of Western Mongolia, but no less stunning, this trek explores the craggy hills and deep cut gorges of Khatu Valley, the open plains at the foot of Tsambagarav Mountain, and the lush glacial valleys of its National Park before reaching the verdant shores of the fast-flowing Hovd River. An outdoor adventure of varied terrain, with limited time spent driving from start and end points – so you can spend more time walking. Wild camping combines with a night in a Kazakh ger, plus a visit to an Eagle Hunter, with a night at each end in Ulaanbaatar.

Mt Bogd Hike - Nomadic Homestays - Khustai National Park - Khogno Khaan - Elsen Tasarkhai Dunes - Tsenkher Hot Springs - 8 Day Trek - Khangai Hills - Orkhon Valley - Naiman Nuur (8 Lakes) - Tovkhon Khiid - Kharkhorin - Erdene Zuu Monastery

An authentic exploratory active adventure through the steppe, rugged hills and stunning landscapes of central Mongolia. Nomadic homestays with authentic nomad families at Khustai, Khogno Khaan and Tsenkher Valleys lead up to an 8 day trek south through the changing landscapes of the forested Khangai hills, wide valleys of the Orkhon river, up to the more remote region of Naiman Nuur. Cultural highlights of Tovkon Khiid and Erdene Zuu Monastery round off this epic journey.

Lake Hovsgol - Remote East Side - Secluded Eco-Camp - 9 Day Horse Trek - Wild Camping - Sant Hill - Kheegentser River - Chonot - Bulnai Hot Springs - Tsagaan River - Donshig - Delger River - kayaking (optional)

Explore the unspoilt, remote east side of Lake Hovsgol with a 9-day horse trek through varied scenery – shoreline, inland through open valleys, climbing forested hills. Visit local nomadic families along the way, soak in the thermal springs at Bulnai, and spend evenings camping underneath the vast Mongolian skies. The expedition is topped and tailed with a stay in a small eco-camp on the shores of this crystal clear ‘blue pearl’ of Mongolia. This epic wilderness riding adventure culminates at an idyllic camp on the banks of the Delger River where you can relax, kayak, hike and do some fishing.

Khovsgol - Ushigiin Uver Deerstones - 8 Day Remote Wilderness Ride - Camping & Nomadic Homestays - Delger River Valley - Sangiin Dalai Nuur - Gandan Nuur - Kayaking (optional) - Lake Khovsgol

A spectacular varied riding trip through some of Northern Mongolia’s most stunning wilderness scenery – and the perfect antidote to the well-trodden trails to the west of Lake Khovsgol offered by most standard tours. This trip benefits from mountain backdrops, trails and valleys but also some good open terrain to cater for those who like to ‘open up the throttle’! Designed in conjunction with a local horseman and his extended nomadic family connections, we intersperse camping with nomadic homestays en route for a rounded cultural experience. The trip culminates with some optional kayaking and 2 days on the lesser-visited east side of Lake Khovsgol – trip 1 also coincides with a local rural Naadam festival.

Ulgii - Tavanbogd National Park - Horse Trekking - Potanii Glacier - Mount Malchin - Shiveet Khairkhan Petroglyphs - Bear Valley - Lake Khoton - Baga Turgen Waterfall - Hovd River - Eagle Hunter Visit - Naadam Festival (1st Trip)

An exhilarating trekking and riding expedition in Western Mongolia. Fly to Bayan Ulgii province where you will experience Kazakh-Mongolian culture. Trek on foot and on horseback through Tavanbogd National Park, with wild camping and visits to nomadic families and eagle hunters. Highlights include a climb of Mount Malchin, Potani Glacier, Shiveet Khairkhan Mountain, Petroglyphs and Bear Valley. Relax by Lake Khoton and hike near Baga Turgen Waterfall before heading back to Ulgii and Ulaanbaatar. The first trip culminates with the celebrations of the Naadam Festival in Ulgii.

Ulgii - Hovd River - Eagle Hunter Homestays - Horse Riding - Training & Hunting with Eagles - Turgen Valley - Eagle Festival

A unique opportunity to stay alongside eagle hunters in Western Mongolia – ride with them, learn how they train their birds, and experience the way of life of these Kazakh nomads. You will also have an opportunity to meet the first female eagle hunter in the region. The trip culminates in the celebration of the annual eagle festival. The first trip attends the Sagsai festival, the second trip attends the Ulgii festival.