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Destinations Travel Show Special – 10% off on our Colours of Naadam trips.

Choose your trip of a lifetime from two of our ever-popular Colours of Naadam expeditions – Southern Sands & Northern Lakes. The first trip explores the vast desert wilderness of the Gobi to include some little-visited but stunning areas such as Ikh Nart, combined with the must-see highlights such as Bayanzag and Khongoryn Els, including local nomadic homestays, eco-lodges and ger camps. The second trip heads west to central Mongolia and up North to the forested hills and lakes of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur & Khovsgol, with forays to the lesser-visited parts of the Orkhon Valley, and the Delger River Basin. On both trips you can experience Mongolia’s famous annual cultural festival – Naadam – in provincial villages where you can enjoy the action in a smaller, more intimate setting.

We are offering a 10% special discount for bookings on both tours for the Destinations Newsletter subscribers until end of February! Click here to request full itinerary and to book your place, or email simon@goyotravel.com for more information.