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Choose your trip of a lifetime from two of our ever-popular Colours of Naadam expeditions – Southern Sands & Northern Lakes. The first trip explores the vast desert wilderness of the Gobi to include some little-visited but stunning areas such as Ikh Nart, combined with the must-see highlights such as Bayanzag and Khongoryn Els, including local nomadic homestays, eco-lodges and ger camps. The second trip heads west to central Mongolia and up North to the forested hills and lakes of Terkhiin Tsagaan Nuur & Khovsgol, with forays to the lesser-visited parts of the Orkhon Valley, and the Delger River Basin. On both trips you can experience Mongolia’s famous annual cultural festival – Naadam – in provincial villages where you can enjoy the action in a smaller, more intimate setting.

We are offering a 10% special discount for bookings on both tours for the Destinations Newsletter subscribers until end of February! Click here to request full itinerary and to book your place, or email simon@goyotravel.com for more information.

Terelj National Park - Chinggis Statue - Khustai National Park - Elsen Tasarkhai Sand Dunes - Camel Ride - Khakhorin - Tovkhon Khiid - Tsenkher Hot Springs - Ger Building - Nomadic Feast - Horse Riding - White Lake - Delger River - Ushigiin Uver - Lake Khovsgol - Rural Naadam Festival

Experience the magic of Mongolia during the vibrant festival season as you journey through the varied landscapes of the heartland and up to the hills, forests and lakes of the north on this spectacular summer journey. Kicking off with an introduction to the country’s bustling capital, and the nearby national Parks of Terelj and Khustai, you’ll stay at the northern edge of the Gobi desert at a fantastic eco-lodge, hike to hilltop temples, ride camels and horses, and enjoy nomadic hospitality with local families. Then you’ll pass through verdant valleys with hot springs, to the lakes of Terkhiin Tsagaan and Khovsgol where the journey culminates with the festivities of a colourful provincial Naadam Festival.


Terelj National Park - Ikh Nart Nature Reserve - Gobi Oasis - Tsagaan Suvarga - Gobi Desert - Dalanzadgad Naadam Festival - Horse Taming - Flaming Cliffs - Camel Riding - Khongoryn Els Dunes - Kharkhorin - Erdene Zuu Monastery - Orkhon Valley - Tovkhon Khiid - Khogno Khaan

The flamboyant festivities of Naadam form the centrepiece to this summer voyage through rural Mongolia – where the atmosphere of celebration is matched by the hue of the countryside filled with the colours and scents of summer. Begin with a trip to Terelj and the Chinggis Statue, before journeying to the wonderful wilderness of the Gobi Desert and the nature reserve of Ikh Nart. Continue south and enjoy Naadam at the provincial capital of Dalanzadgad, then explore the dunes and canyons of the majestic Gobi Desert. Head north to the valleys of Arkhangai, the site of Genghis Khan’s ancient capital at Kharkhorin, Erdene Zuu Monastery and Khogno Khaan Mountain.