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Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue

During any visit to Mongolia, you will notice that Chinggis Khan is everywhere, from hotels to bar names, alcohol to biscuits. But the best tribute to Mongolia’s most famous leader is about 50 km East of the city. Standing at 40 meters tall, the Chinggis Khan Equestrian Statue was built in 2008 and shows the famous leader seated on his horse. It is made from around 250 tons of gleaming stainless steel. and is symbolically pointed east towards his birthplace. It is by far the largest structure in the surrounding area, with only the nearby white statue of his mother comparing to it.

To take advantage of the fantastic view, you can walk up (or take the lift) up the tail of the statue. Then walk out onto the mane of his horse to have an amazing panoramic view of the surrounding area. Alternatively you can stand and stare into the face that shaped history.

The Statue is located where, according to legend, Chinggis Khan found a golden whip. A replica of this whip can be found in the Chinggis Khan Statue Complex beneath the statue. This complex contains a small museum, a restaurant, some souvenir shops and a massive leather boot. The boot is the largest traditional Mongolian boot of its type. It would take a foot larger than that of that statues.

Our Tours to the Statue

A visit to this statue is normally included in any of our trips that head to the East of Ulaanbaatar. Including many of our Day and Weekend trips.

We also include trips to the statue at the end of some of our Short trips. We can even organise private trips that kayak down to the Chinggis Statue if the mood takes you.

A visit to this impressive statue is a fantastic way to end any trip to Mongolia.