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Gorkhi-Terelj National Park

Terelj National Park is One of the most picturesque places in Mongolia. The Terelj National Park is located about two hours East of the capital. It is the third largest protected area (2,864 square kilometers) in Mongolia and home to many. The countryside is covered by undulating hill and rock formations. Nestled in the valleys you can find several small temples, the aptly-named turtle rock and even some dinosaurs. There are over 250 species of bird and numerous species of mammals. The national park is also home to many ger camps and nomadic families.

A popular destination for both locals and tourists alike. Many as there are a plethora of activities to do in the area. During the summer you would be able to go hiking, rafting and mountain biking. In the winter when countryside is covered in snow the activities are replaced by dog sledding, sleigh riding and skiing. Horse riding is possible throughout the year.

Accommodation is very varied from the 5* Terelj Hotel to Ger camps. All the way down to nomadic homestays and camping. Something to suit every need.

Environmental Protection

At Goyo Travel we believe in Environmental Protection. As this area is so popular with locals and foreigners alike, rubbish has started to become quite a problem. To help combat this every year our staff takes part in events cleaning up the rubbish. These events also double as educational days promoting environmental protection.

Terelj and Us

For more information on short trips to Terelj please visit our day trips and weekend trips. These shorter trips can be either taken independently or added or to longer trips as an extension.

We also run longer trips in Terelj, such as our Trails of Terelj, which is a 9 day long horse trek. Or our longer tour Eastern Explorer. For more information on these longer trips please visit either our group or private trip pages.

A visit to this park is an essential part of any trip to Mongolia.