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Hot Air Ballooning in Mongolia 2017

Steppe into the Sky


Hot air ballooning is coming back to Mongolia!


Join us and float above some of Mongolia’s finest cultural and natural landscapes in Mongolia’s one and only balloon tour.

This August the 15-day The Great Mongolia Balloon Adventure tour takes place. With 8 different flight locations across the Gobi and the heartland of Mongolia. This aerial adventure will take you to many of nomadic Mongolia’s most spectacular natural and cultural sights. A rare chance to see them from a different perspective.  Beginning in Ulaanbaatar, the tour will take in the Flaming Cliffs of the Gobi. Then head north to the plains around Ongiin Khiid. Ending up in the heartland of Mongolia around Erdene Zuu and the forested lush green hills of Tsenkher Valleys.

Gone-With-The-Wind & Goyo Travel

If you have been following us, you will know that a few years ago we partnered up with professional balloonists Phil and Allie Dunnington for an epic adventure across the Mongolian plains. Now, we are incredibly happy to welcome them back to Mongolia for another tour.

Allie and Phil run Gone-With-The-Wind, a UK-based international ballooning company whose expertise include a broad range of operations in over 40 countries. In 2017, they will be involved in trips to Germany, Iran, Mongolia, Spain and Portugal, as well as crossing the Atlantic by vintage aeroplane.

Goyo Travel will be running the land based part of the tour with our normal flare. It would not be a Mongolian tour without a visit to nomads and to ride the fabled Mongolian horses. There will also be the chance to kayak in the Orkhon Valley and take a dip in the hot springs in Tsenkher. During this all inclusive tour you will be staying in some of our favourite ger camps. Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar will be at two of the best-located hotels in the city.

Please email us at info@goyotravel.com or visit our special interest page for more information.

This is truly a unmissable tour. Come and touch the famous Mongolia blue sky with us.