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Driver Spotlight

Driver Spotlight

When you climb into your trusty UAZ Purgon at the start of your trip you will notice a humble-looking gentleman behind the wheel, smiling like they have seen a long lost friend for the first time in a while. This is your driver and it could be Monkhoo, Amaraa or Doyod, who we are bringing on for this month’s spotlight, or any of our other great drivers. So buckle up and let’s meet them…

Monkhoo HeadBorn and raised in Dundgovi, Monkhoo hit the road in a UAZ Purgon at the tender age of 18 and hasn’t let go of the steering wheel since. His nomadic upbringing influenced a lot of his charm and positive spirit which makes him an amazing driver and a wonderful travelling companion to be with. When he’s not rigging his van for the next big trip he enjoys construction work and building upgrades for his home.


Eric HeadDoyod, who also hails from the Gobi, has mastered the art of driving since young age and dreams of upgrading his Toyota Hilux to a Lexus 570 one day. Known for his smart quips and comedic spirit he easily becomes friends with everyone he meets. In his free time, he runs a small smithy and produces handmade traditional locks.


Sansar HeadHailing from Ovorkhangai, home of the 8 Lakes region, Amaraa has always found the balance between his career in the military and proudly driving around clients from all over the world in the countryside. He spends his spare time reading up on Mongolian history and politics, which makes him a library of information on trips and an excellent interlocutor.


How long have you been driving with clients on Mongolian tours?


Monkhoo – “I have been driving around clients for 10 years now.”

Doyod – “Been working as a trip driver since 1998, so about 20 odd years.”

Amaraa – “I have been driving clients around for 6 years. Before that I was a driving school instructor so I have been behind a wheel for many, many years.”


What do you enjoy about working for Goyo Travel?


Amaraa – “The administration, experienced personnel, and impeccable communication are the high point of Goyo Travel. They put a lot of emphasis on service and set very high standards on every trip which I am proud to be a part of.”

Monkhoo – “I really enjoy doing the Goyo Travel trip routes and my colleagues are always a blast to work together. I have learned a lot from Olly and Goyo.”

Together Toward Success

What is driving in Mongolia like?


Monkhoo – “I would say it’s challenging but highly rewarding. The things I don’t personally like are the traffic congestion in Ulaanbaatar and bumpy roads in the countryside, and sometimes it’s hard to navigate less traveled roads. The thing I enjoy is the freedom to go anywhere I want. Like a wild stallion. Within the country borders…of course.” 

Doyod – “Driving in Mongolia is tough. The roads are bumpy and rest stops are few. The biggest problem I face while driving is the amount of mud and rising river levels when it rains. These things become an issue when I’m driving around in my jeep. However, when you’re driving alone under the moonlight with spring breeze in your hair surrounded by untouched natural beauty, that’s a feeling I cannot fully describe with words.” 

Monkhoo Collage

What’s your favourite part of Mongolia to drive around and why?


Monkhoo – “Personally I find central steppe more easier and comfortable to drive around. The roads are much better maintained and there are less bumpy journeys. Also, as there are many nomadic families close to each other, it’s a great area if you’re interested in the nomadic culture!” 

Amaraa – “There isn’t a particular area that I really like driving around because all of Mongolia is wonderful to drive through! The Gobi has a certain type of mysticism, the central steppes has endless rolling hills, up north you find yourself driving through mighty forests and to east it’s flat land as far as your eyes can see.” 


What do you enjoy about driving clients around Mongolia and why?


Amaraa – “I think it’s a Mongolian’s duty to preserve our untouched nature. So, I do my best in trying to keep the countryside as clean as I can. As a driver, it’s a proud moment when the clients are in awe of our pristine mountains and hills, rivers and lakes. I enjoy and cherish those moments.” 

Doyod – “It’s a privilege to show the Mongolian countryside, and help clients experience our culture. I do all my best to make their time in Mongolia an unforgettable one and many has become friends with me during their time travelling around the countryside.” 



If you didn’t drive for a living, what other job would you want to do?


Monkhoo – “If I hadn’t become a driver I would be a Myangad Malchin; a herder with thousand livestock!”

Amaraa – “As I was in the army in my younger years I think I would stayed in the army if I never decided to become a driver and become a high ranking officer. Maybe even became the Defence Minister!” 

Doyod – “I would be a famous actor. Movies, TV shows, or theatre drama, I would be in everything…. with my star on the Hollywood Boulevard.”

Doyod Collage


If you could drive around any other country where would it be?


Monkhoo – “If you gave me a chance to drive anywhere I want I would really like to drive an 18-wheeler truck across the USA. I think trucking is another profession that I would excel in.” 

Amaraa – I would like to try driving a shipment truck to Russia in winter. I think it will be a great challenge for me.” 

Doyod – I would drive a powerful car like a Ford Mustang on the Autobahn. I want to see how fast I can comfortably go.” 


What are the most common questions clients ask and how do you answer?


Monkhoo – “Usually about my experience, how many years I am driving, and if I like being a driver. I tell them that I have been a driver for 10 years and wouldn’t exchange what I do with a bag of gold!” 

Amaraa – “I’m always asked just how am I navigating the countryside with no problem without any type of GPS, paved roads or signs. I tell them after years of experience the land itself turns into your GPS and everything becomes familiar to you.”

Doyod – “The clients mostly ask about my family and what I do during winter when there is no driving work. I give them a detailed information about my family (which I will save you from), and tell them about my handicraft project. I run a small blacksmithing project during my free time and sometimes have small handcraft locks on me during trips which never fail to impress the clients.”

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