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Looking for Extreme Adventure? Here’s Why Horse Trekking in Mongolia Has Become So Popular

While some people choose to use their vacation time for unplugging and relaxing, others want to pack adventure into every second possible. Over the past few years, one country has begun to make very noticeable waves in attracting a diversity of visitors from all over the world seeking to enjoy experiences and adventures few before them have ever been able to take in. For those seeking an adventure like none other, horse trekking in Mongolia has become practically an obsession. There are some very good reasons why Mongolia tours are on the uptick and why so many who choose to take them come back to see and experience even more every single chance they get.

Those who choose to tour Mongolia will find themselves in a storied land that lies between Russia and China. Until fairly recently this country, which is roughly the size of Alaska, was more or less isolated from the rest of the world. Although legendary for the empire its Khans once created and the ancient traditions many of its inhabitants still proudly embrace today, few people could or did travel here. A shift to democracy in recent years and an easing of travel restrictions has opened this distinct land, its sights, culture and experiences to visitors from all over the world.

Those who choose to spend their holidays in Mongolia find themselves embarking on adventures that few have or will ever have the opportunity to enjoy. It’s the history, mystery, culture and breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that make this destination such an increasingly popular one. Vacationers who work with reputable travel companies to go on Mongolia horse riding adventures will find this distinct option is so appealing to travelers for these reasons and more:

1. Mongolia is a land of mystery

From the days of Marco Polo until very recently, few people from the west have had the honor and privilege of spending holidays in Mongolia. Those who choose to take Mongolia trips get to take in a land that in the grand scheme of things few outsiders have ever been able to explore. From its beautiful metropolitan centers to the rugged landscape of the Gobi Desert, Mongolia is a land of mystery that many want to explore. The pristine lakes, mountains and countryside are treats for the eyes to behold. Those with a deep appreciation for history, find themselves in awe of such sites as Chinggis monument, the valleys of Arkhangai and the Erdene Zuu Monastery.

2. Mongolia’s culture is truly distinct

People who take Mongolia tours will find themselves in a land whose culture is quite ancient. While Mongolia’s cities have grown up with the rest of the world, its rugged countryside has remained true to its nomadic roots. Those who choose to go on Mongolia horse riding adventures, in fact, can explore this distinct culture for themselves. The better tours provide visitors with many opportunities to experience the nomadic culture by immersing themselves in it. From trekking through the famous landscapes of the Gobi Desert much like Genghis Khan once did to spending time and overnight stays in authentic ger camps, visitors get to experience a culture that has changed little over the centuries.

3. The adventure delivers authentic experiences

Those who take Mongolia trips don’t just go to see the historic sights and explore museums and monasteries. While these stops are part of almost any tour, many come especially for the rugged adventures they can also enjoy. Mongolia trips that include excursions outside of the populated cities are big attractors for those with a passion for high adventure. Taking in this land from atop a horse, after all, is the very way it was experienced by the ancient Mongols who grace the pages of history. What’s more, the best Mongolia tours do ensure guests get to meet with and “live” like true nomads, if only for a time. Some tours may even enable guests to learn to shoot a bow and arrow like a true Mongol while others might enable visitors to explore the Gobi by camelback or to explore snowy landscapes by dogsled. For many who have made Mongolia trips a priority in recent years, it’s the unique experiences this land has to offer that draw them. This country offers those with a passion for adventure the opportunity to enjoy experiences that are truly unique.

Horse trekking in Mongolia has become a popular option for vacationers who are seeking more than a hotel in a big city can deliver. When true cultural experiences, history and adventure are desired, Mongolia tours simply will not disappoint. This ancient land is fast becoming a more popular stop for travelers from all over the globe because it offers experiences that are like nothing else. Companies that offer Mongolia tours can help travelers map out adventures of a lifetime.