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Dreaming of Horse Trekking in Mongolia? Here’s How to Find the Right Tour Company

There is something terribly romantic about the notion of horse trekking in Mongolia. After all, this beautiful country has landscapes that are simply breathtaking. On top of this, holidays in Mongolia enable history buffs to literally walk in the footsteps of the great Khans who once shaped the world around them by building an empire whose fame remains renowned to this day. Going on holidays to Mongolia without proper guides, however, can be a big mistake. The best tour companies will ensure visitors get to see, do and experience everything that makes this land so very special. They also serve to ensure that language and cultural barriers are broken down so that their guests may enjoy an experience that is like none other throughout their stay.

Finding the right guides for Mongolian horse riding tours can be a tricky proposition for those who intend to travel from far away to see this land. Since most tours to Mongolia are booked from outside this country, it’s important to consider a company’s background, experience and its services provided before making a final selection. These are some of the traits to look for when considering companies that offer Mongolia tours for travelers from all over the globe:

1. The focus of the company

While some tour companies offer services in many parts of the world, those that provide the best opportunities to tour Mongolia tend to specialize solely in this land. This trait is an important distinguishing feature because it often signifies a tour operator that brings extensive experience with trekking Mongolia to the table. Since this country, its lands, culture, climate and language are all so very distinct, this type of specialty knowledge can prove crucial on the ground.

2. The local connections

Being able to experience the best horse trekking in Mongolia experience simply demands a tour operator that has strong, well-established local connections. Some of the best companies are owned by people with Mongolian ties that have the knowledge and connections that enable their guests to see and experience this country as it is meant to be. That means not only providing guests the opportunity to see the sights, but also the ability to take holidays to Mongolia that include genuine experiences, such as visiting nomadic camps, enjoying overnight cultural exchanges and more.

3. The types of tours offered

People who want to tour Mongolia often have done extensive research on this country, its people and its major points of interest. Not every traveler, however, will have the same ideas about what stops would make a journey the most memorable. With that in mind, the best tour operators tend to offer a diversity of options for their guests. From pre-set group tours that offer sightseeing, cultural exchanges and Mongolia horse riding to completely private tours that are custom designed to meet guests’ requirements, the best operators offer flexibility in booking. Companies that have the ability to meet the needs of group travelers and those who are seeking private adventures, simply stand out as those who are dedicated to ensuring guests have a tremendous experience throughout their stay. The very best can even work with travelers to custom design a full itinerary to meet their distinct desires on what to see and what adventures they wish to enjoy.

4. The itineraries offered

Holidays in Mongolia are meant to provide visitors with a chance to truly explore this unique country. Inasmuch, the best tour operators offer stops designed for those who want to soak up the culture, enjoy great adventure or both. Itineraries may vary based on the season of intended travel, but possible stops should include such destinations as the Gobi Desert, the Flaming Cliffs, Khustai National Park and Orkhon Valley. For those seeking real adventure, the opportunity visit nomadic ger camps, shoot a bow-and-arrow from horseback and other experiences should be included.

5. The special touches provided

Mongolia tours that include horse trekking are by their very nature designed to be rugged. Even so, the best tour operators provide personal touches throughout the holiday to ensure guests are comfortable and well cared for. Going beyond personal service that sets some companies apart, the very best also provide unique surprises along the way. These might include such things as after-dinner chocolates for a taste of home, access to a smartphone car charger when it’s least expected or fresh coffee sitting on a camp breakfast table.

Horse trekking in Mongolia is an adventure like none other. The best tour operators go above and beyond to share their love for this land, its people and culture with people from all over the world. In doing so, they distinguish their Mongolia tours from all others. Selecting a tour operator with care is important for ensuring that every minute of a journey delivers experiences that will be cherished for a lifetime.