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Planning a Mongolia Trek? Tips to Help You Prepare

From the pristine beauty of Khuvsgul Lake to the majesty of Altai Mountains and the sheer expanse of the Gobi Desert, the Mongolian landscape is one that appeals to travelers the world over. Those seeking something different than big cities, fancy hotels and quaint tours that don’t truly expose visitors to the true culture of a land are likely to discover Mongolia travel offers something entirely different.

Mongolia Trips

Adventure seekers who wish to walk the paths of the great Khans, soak up the wonders of an ancient culture and see some of the most stunning natural sites found the world over will find Mongolia trips are like none other. Given the ruggedness of the landscape, the true grit of the people and the off-the-grid nature of many horse riding Mongolia tours, vacationers do need to prepare well for an adventure to this land. Doing so can help ensure that every second spent in the land of Kublai Khan is one that will be cherished forever.

If the wonders and adventure of horse trekking in Mongolia appeal, here are a few tips that can help would-be travelers prepare for their time in this ancient and awe-inspiring land:

1. Do some heavy research

Unless Mongolian history and culture are a personal passion, it can be very helpful to dive into some research in advance of booking any travel. While almost everyone remembers the mighty Mongolian Empire and the fierce warriors who helped it take shape from their history classes, brushing up can help in planning Mongolian travel. Those who tour Mongolia, for example, are likely to find research helps them better appreciate the history, lore and cultural significance of sites they are likely to visit on their treks. What’s more, some research in advance of holidays in Mongolia can help would-be travelers pick the right tours to ensure they visit sites they’ve personally deemed as must-see.

2. Pick an experienced tour company

While it is very possible to book holidays to Mongolia without working with a tour company, it’s generally not the best way to see this tremendous land. Reputable tour companies that offer horse riding Mongolia packages have the local and cultural knowledge necessary to ensure visitors get to experience this land and all its majesty. From being able to ensure tours during Mongolia holidays and major cultural festivals to arranging for visitors to stay in ger camps, tour companies have the knowledge and know-how to ensure guests have a tremendous time. Look for companies that have extensive local knowledge and are led by natives to find adventures that are well planned and guides who can truly expose guests to this ancient culture.

3. Select an itinerary with care

Some of the finest tour companies that offer Mongolia trek vacations have a diversity of packages available for their clients. It may even be possible to create custom packages to ensure very particular sites and/or experiences are enjoyed. Do consider the length of stay, the type of on-land travel and other details when selecting a tour package. Horse trekking in Mongolia is one of the best ways to experience this land, but it’s not the only way. Some companies offer treks that include horse treks that are broken up with automobile transit and other options to make travel just a little easier on visitors. Camel treks and dog sled adventures may also be available.

4. Line up the necessary paperwork

Entry requirements into Mongolia will vary based upon country of origin. Make sure to find out the requirements in advance of booking and to secure the necessary paperwork. Americans and others are likely to find only valid passports are required to enjoy holidays in Mongolia. Some travelers, however, will need visas to tour Mongolia.

5. Get packing insights from the tour company

Once a trip is selected and a tour is booked, work closely with the travel company to gain insights on what to bring and what to leave at home. While it’s a given a sturdy, reliable camera must be in tow, finding out about clothing suggestions, recommended toiletries, other must-have items and so on can be very helpful. As a general rule of thumb, horse riding Mongolia treks are rather rugged adventures. That means guests will want to pack as lightly as possible while leaving room for souvenirs picked up along the way. An extra, empty bag stowed in a main pack can be helpful on this front.

Mongolia travel exposes vacationers to a slice of the world that is famed for its relatively untouched beauty. From majestic mountains to pristine lakes and vast desert landscapes, Mongolia trips are like nothing else holidaymakers can experience. To get the most out of this cultural adventure, work closely with a reputable tour company to plan and prepare for a trek to this ancient land. Prepping a bit in advance can ensure a Mongolia tour that is packed with wonderment every step of the way.