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7 Things to Look for When Booking Tours to Mongolia

Mongolia Tours

Mongolia is a storied land with a history that inspires those with wanderlust to travel to its borders to this day to explore the birthplace of a once-great empire. While time has not left this land entirely untouched, with great cities and towns to its credit, it is within the large swaths of desert, mountain and plains lands that ancient traditions still hold true. Far from the chaos of modern-day life, generations follow a nomadic path much like their ancestors. Still moving with the herds, living in yurts and drawing their sustenance from the land, it is these people and their chosen way of life that make tours to Mongolia such cherished experiences. Those booking Mongolia travel will find that some of the country’s most notable tour agencies go above and beyond to ensure guests get to experience the culture while making certain the historic landmarks and pristine beauty of this country also highlight tours.

If authentic cultural experiences, adventure and exploration of this country’s tremendously diverse landscapes are all priorities for a holiday in Mongolia, be particular when booking. The best tours are led by people with deep local knowledge and a passion for sharing the land they call home with visitors from all over the world. These seven traits can help guide travellers to tour companies likely to offer them the very best of Mongolia during their stays:

1. Experience Matters

Trekking in Mongolia with the intention of truly taking in the land, meeting its people and experiencing its culture first-hand demands a tour company with longevity in the field. Experience in the travel industry is a must, but so too is the knowledge that only a native can deliver. Look for companies that offer tours to Mongolia that are backed by a native with extensive knowledge of the land, its history and its people.

2. Personal Service Makes a Difference

Whether the plan is to visit for a short jaunt or to spend weeks taking a Mongolia horse trek, companies that offer personalised service before and during travel tend to stand out as the best. It is quite helpful when the person from a tour company who plans an itinerary is also the one who executes it.

3. Extra Touches Go A Long Way

Horse riding in Mongolia is a dream come true for many travellers in love with this land and its history. While the experience is meant to be rugged, small comforts from home and extra special touches along the way can make travellers feel more comfortable and appreciated. With that in mind, exceptional tour companies provide their clients with an authentic experience that is filled with small touches that make a difference. Simple treats, such as car chargers when portions of a tour demand faster transit, hot coffee and even access to a bow and arrow, make the experience more delightful.

4. Local Operations

Some tours to Mongolia involve outsourcing of actual ground operations within the country. That means the companies that book the tours don’t oversee all operations on the ground. The best tour providers, however, simply do not do this. They draw on a local team to provide guests with an authentic experience throughout their stay.

5. Multiple Package Options

Those who choose to holiday in Mongolia will find this is a vast country with more sites to see and experiences to enjoy than any one trip can accommodate. With that in mind, Mongolia travel companies should offer their guests a diversity of packages to choose from. Whether the desire is to spend the time horse riding in Mongolia from camp to camp or visit specific cultural sites, the best can accommodate.

6. Flexibility By Design

Itineraries are meant to serve as outlines for tours to Mongolia. Companies that don’t book in some flexibility to allow guests to alter course when the desire strikes should be avoided. Rigid times and fully defined activities may shackle the experience. The better Mongolia travel companies are aware of this and are more than willing to accommodate within reason.

7. Professionals and Passion

The best way to ensure Mongolia holidays involve an exceptional experience is to work with tour companies whose people are highly professional, but passionate about what they do and the land they represent. Guides should be extremely knowledgeable about the land, its people, customs and traditions while also welcoming enough to make guests feel at ease. Locals who simply live to share their heritage with others are the best choice when booking trips to Mongolia.

Mongolia travel offers experiences that simply cannot be had in any other part of the world. If the desire is to truly experience the land that gave birth to a great empire, booking tours to Mongolia demands attention to detail. Reputable tour companies that deliver native knowledge, professionalism and a passion for sharing this rich culture are best positioned to help guest enjoy every moment of trekking in Mongolia.